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  • 6908 - soldiers that God has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 59,007 - pickets conducted by WBC.
  • 994 - cities that have been visited by WBC.
  • 1340 - weeks that WBC has held daily pickets on the mean streets of doomed america.
  • - people whom God has cast into hell since you loaded this page.
  • $18.16 trillion+ - national debt of doomed america.
  • 8 - people that God saved in the flood.
  • 16,000,000,000 - people that God killed in the flood.
  • 144,000 - Jews that will be saved in these last days.
  • 0 - nanoseconds of sleep that WBC members lose over your opinions and feeeeellllliiiiiings.

WBC Photos

"Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?" Song of Solomon 6:10

Paramount, CA at Paramount High School
Lawrence, KS at the transgender rally
Los Angeles, CA at the Grammy Awards
Houston, TX at Super Bowl 51
Galveston, TX at First Baptist Church
Galveston, TX at Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Lawrence, KS at the KU vs. Iowa State Basketball Game
Lawrence, KS at the KU vs. Baylor Basketball Game
Washington, DC at Donald Trump's Inaguration
Los Angeles, CA at Marymount High School
Los Angeles, CA at the Golden Globe Awards
Radcliff, KY at Fort Knox
Topeka, KS
Manhattan, KS for Dr. Temple Grandi
Manhattan, KS for Robert Irvine
Washington, DC at the White House
Arlington, VA at Arlington National Cemetery
Washington, DC at American University
Washington, DC at Hebrew National Congregation
St. Louis, MO at the Transgender Spectrum Conference
New York, NY at Vine
New York, NY at Julliard
Kansas City, MO at the Amy Schumer show
Nashville, TN at Belmont University
Nashivlle, TN at the Tennessee General Assembly
Nashville, TN at Out Central
Chicago, Il at the University of Chicago Law School
Chicago, IL at Weiss Hospital
Chicago, IL at the University of Chicago
Madison, WI at the North American Association for Environmental Education
Milwaukee, WI at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Lawrence, KS at the Brad Paisley Concert
Manhattan, KS at K-State
Manhattan, KS for the Anti-Defamation League
Wichita, KS at the Carrie Underwood concert
Houston, TX at the Gender Infinity Conference
Manhattan, KS for Northrup Grumman CEO Wes Bush
Kansas City, Mo at the Dixie Chicks Concert
Topeka, KS
Kansas City, MO at the Gwen Stefani concert
Kansas City, MO at the Demi Lovato concert
Kansas City, MO at the Dolly Parton concert
Philadelphia, PA at the DNC
Philadelphia, PA at the Mazzoni Center
Topeka, KS
Cleveland, OH at the Republican National Convention
Clearwater, FL at USCG Airstation Clearwater
Venice, FL at St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Kansas City, MO at the Guns N' Roses concert
Grove City, OH at Central Crossing High School
Columbus, OH at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
Orlando, FL outside funerals for the dead at the Pulse shooting
Louisville, KY outside the funeral of Muhammad Ali
Indianapolis, IN at the Indy 500
Topeka, KS at Gage Park
Lawrence, KS at the Lawrence High School Graduation
Wamego, KS at the Wamego High School Graduation
St. Mary's, KS at the St. Mary's High School Graduation
Meriden, KS at the Jefferson West High School Graduation
Lawrence, KS at the KU Graduation
Lawrence, KS at the KU Law School Graduation
Casey, IL at Casey First United Methodist Church
Titusville, FL at Titusville High School
Norman, OK at the National Weather Center
Kansas City, MO at the Mumford & Sons Concert
Olathe, KS at Olathe North High School
Kansas City, MO at the R Kelly Concert
Baltimore, MD at Loyola University
Baltimore, MD at the Climate Preparedness Conference
New York, NY at Carnegie Hall for the David Bowie Memorial Concert
Kansas City, MO at the Donald Trump rally
Kansas City, MO at the Ted Cruz rally
Wichita, KS at the GOP Caucus
Lawrence, KS at the Bernie Sanders rally
Kansas City, MO at the Bernie Sanders rally